5 Tips: New Years Resolutions That Last

New Year's Resolutions 2014

Well, it is now officially the last day of 2013, New Year's Eve. As 2014 approaches, i'm sure you've been considering your New Year's Resolutions and trying to find ways to ensure you'll actually stick to them this year! Well, I've been pondering the same thing and I've come up with 5 tips for myself to help me along, and decided to share. Come on guys, WE CAN DO IT! ! ! 

  1. Create A Vision Board | This special type of mood board is a great option for us creatives that love to visualize what we plan to do! For your New Year's resolutions, or just inspiration for the new year in general, you can create one of these full of images you love! For mine, I'm visiting Pinterest and Tumblr and other sites with good visuals and saving the photos to my phone. Using travel, interior, fashion, etc photos. I then put them together in the Pic Stich app on my iPhone. Here's an example of one of mine above. I'll probably create about ten of these, then print them out or save them to my computer!

  2. Create A Set Goal List | While my vision board may contain things that are only dreams and motivation for what I want to obtain way in the future, one of my New Year's Resolutions is to create a set goal list for what I specifically want to achieve within the year 2014! Some of them are simple goals, while others may be a bit more complex. The motivation you have at the start of a new year is pretty intense for most, so don't cheat yourself with a bunch of easy goals. Set the bar high and achieve! 
  3. Be REAL About Diet and Exercise | Oh gosh, the start of a new year always brings on self promises and New Year's resolutions to begin to exercise and eat right. I'm guilty of planning this each year and never following through, but 2014 is going to be different, right?! With a vast selection of fast food restaurants within a mile of my job, I've picked up some pretty horrible eating habits. These probably effect my day, and my sluggish mode when I get home. Gym? Ummm, how about a nap instead?! But with the new year approaching, I plan to actually make some major changes! I'm not going vegan this year, but I am going to focus on a diet that cuts out beef and pork and focuses on chicken and fish (oh my how I shall miss bacon). This is just for a year, as a sort of challenge and cleanse and to break my horrible McDonalds/Taco Bell diet. Pick something that is reasonable for you and also works with your budget (eating healthy is pricey! SMH America!). If you want to add an exercise routine to your New Year's resolution, be sure to pick something that's realistic with your daily/weekly schedule! For each of these, download apps on your phone such as MyFitnessPal or Livestrong's My Plate. They make seeing progress fun and help you stay on track!
  4. Get Your Money Right | There were way too many times this year that I spent way too much money on shoes from NastyGal then had to scramble to find money for my bills. Girl problems! One thing I am proud of is that I always paid my credit card bill on time and kept my balance low (whoop whoop!). I use the LearnVest website and app (free!) to create a monthly budget and although I didn't follow it like I should have, one of my New Year's resolutions is to make using it properly a habit! This can help with not only spending but plans for saving as well! Also, I have a friend that uses Mint which seems to be a great option for the same type of thing!
  5. Beautiful People | The last portion of my New Year's resolution is to make sure that I have an inner glow as well as outer. This means not only taking care of myself and creating hair and skin regimens, but also taking a lot of time out for spiritual things and time with family and friends. In the year 2014, I really just want for you all, if nothing else, to be happy! Life is kind of short so don't stress! Stay motivated but don't let pressure take a toll on you! We have a lot to achieve so let's do it with a smile.


Cheers to a new year and good luck! ! ! Tell me. . .what are some of your 2014 New Year's Resolutions?


- Lindsey Mermaid



Single Girls In Boyfriend Blazers

Isn't it cuddling season? Where are all the men that want to drink hot chocolate in front of the fireplace? 
Although, seeing as I like slightly thuggish men in nice range rovers, my type probably wouldn't go for that.
Oh well, if Beyonce found Jay-Z I can hope right? I'll just listen to her CD and dream.
Lots of hair reviews and posts and even a youtube video coming this week so stay tuned!


Maroon Boyfriend Blazer: Vintage/Thrifted | Jeweled Tie-Up Shirt: Vintage/Thrifted | Pink Grunge Denim Shorts: DIY | Leopard Cutout Wedges: Dolce Vita dv8 | Hat: Vintage (Mom's)