If you follow me on any social media, then you know how big I’ve been lately on shopping via ethical clothing companies. The tragedies (building collapses and fires) in garment factories overseas are just something I can’t support in trade for getting a cheap deal on a shirt. Thankfully, there are companies that have fair factory conditions and focus on sustainability, such as the Alternative Apparel .


I came across this dress and was instantly in love. I’m thoroughly enjoying my move to Brooklyn, but sometimes I of course miss home. This dress reminds me of the Georgia peach that I am. As soon as I unpackaged and touched the dress, I could smell and feel that real organic cotton was used (yes, there are synthetic and slightly toxic versions being made), and it was refreshing. An instant sign of a piece that will last and won’t be thrown away after a few washes like “fast fashion”.


You can read more about Alternative Apparel and their commitment to social responsibility here.

-xoxo, Lindsey



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