L’Oreal True Match Shades for Dark Skin

L'Oreal Dark Skin Tones

I really really love when I can post new news that I feel can really benefit some of my readers!┬áRecently, I saw a post on twitter that was kind of a “FINALLY” moment in regards to L’Oreal True Match Super-Blendable foundation. With such good reviews as a go-to affordable foundation, it was kind of sad that it didn’t come in many darker shades. But yes, finally, they’ve expanded to some new tones for dark skin (which, if I’m not mistaken were somewhat available before, but not in its latest formulas, and still not on most store shelves). Whoot Whoot ! I haven’t been able to find them other than online through their website, so I may order directly as I am growing impatient waiting for them to hit target! I actually love their True Match pages, where they match each skin tone with a complementing blush (and even wardrobe) color!

C8 Cocoa

C9 Deep Cool

C10 Expresso

Previously, I believe that the C8 was the darkest shade (my mom uses and loves it), but these two new additions are great news! I’ll be trying both C9 and C10, and doing a review on my YouTube channel as soon as I get my hands on these products! I found that they’re a tad cheaper here on Amazon than the L’Oreal site (by about $2).

Have you tried this foundation? How do you like it?

- xoxo, Lindsey



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