Color Code Crush : #FFFF00 – Mellow Yellow

What’s a better way to get my mind off of the cold than to start my new Color Code Crush series with a bright spring yellow? I’m a computer nerd and can name the HTML color code for just about anything so I thought I’d create a weekly wardrobe or design inspiration mix using that ideal! This week? #FFFF00 –… Read More

PRODUCT | Nubian Heritage African Black SoaP

Nubian Heritage Black Soap Review


Although all the good smelling body washes in pretty pink packages in the Bath & Body Works window always have caught my eye, eventually during my whole major growing up session, I realized that I may need to take a more natural approach to skincare. I have a lovely friend from Ghana that swears by black soap and says that nothing but it and shea butter will ever bless her skin. I have been in the beauty supply store many times and heard women asking for it, and even my mother began to use it, so I decided to give it a try.

Sell Your Clothes Online | Threadflip + Poshmark

How To Sell Your Clothes Online | Threadflip vs Poshmark

As a person with two large closets, I totally understand what a bother it can be to have clothes there that you no longer wear! ┬áIf you’re coming along with me on my capsule wardrobe journey, then you’ll probably need to downsize. Sometimes, it doesn’t fit anymore (or never really did) or maybe it just no longer fits your style!… Read More


So, yesterday I did my first painting in a long while! This character is really a mermaid, but since this is a bust-up type of situation, you’d never know that unless I told you! Her name is Mizuko. I’m pretty sure it means Water Baby in Japanese !