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Retail Bag Design | Sirens & Triton

It’s been quite awhile since I’ve done a Designed + Developed post ! If you didn’t know, I’m currently a full-time designer for an awesome company, but now that I’m settling into New York and getting used to my daily routine, it’s time to fit in some freelancing. I’ve now combined my design agency + crystal shop into one (Sirens & Triton), and it’s been a fun creative experiment and experience. I feel like the name of a brand matters more than the name of an agency, so the agency name was dropped (still love you forever Creative Courtesy). I was stressing myself out having a million side businesses and a million different blogs, social media accounts, etc to handle. I came up with the concept of mixing the natural beauty and design of the crystals that I love with the branding and web design that I love in a beautiful mix of creativity.

Stationary Branding | Sirens & Triton

Blog articles on the site merge advice on small business (which the crystal store is and who my design clients usually are) in addition to art, design, and beauty articles that speak to my shop customers as well as mostly female entrepreneur client base. More corporate customers usually come naturally from recommendations to my personal portfolio, so I don’t really have to try to make my brand’s voice speak to them.

 Stationary Branding | Sirens & Triton

This branding project was a fun merger, and I’m totally in love with being back at it. The packaging is still mostly in experimental / prototype mode, but the current packaging combo i’m using is super cute and it’s fun to see these more high end options for when I figure out how to get some of these babies in stores!

 Wall Art | Sirens & Triton

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