Xtava Allure Hair Dryer Review

As a part of moving to NY with only two suitcases, I found myself leaving behind a lot of stuff that I probably needed but wasn’t in love with. Partially as an excuse to buy new things. So, just as I was ready to invest in a new salon hair dryer instead of my random former hair dryer from the beauty supply store, I came across a super sleek and powerful hair dryer that was affordable as well.

I had already done my research on what type of hair dryer is good for my hair type, and decided that I needed something ionic and something that works good and fast. I’m a heat girl (hair dryers and flat irons) but I’m very protective about it and I use argan oil which really seems to help a lot.

I headed to Amazon for my search, and came upon the Xtava Allure 2200W Hair Dryer. Now I had to be concious of the fact that it is / was a sponsored product meaning it paid to be high in the search rankings. However, the reviews seemed genuine and had nothing about it blowing up (you should really read hair dryer reviews because that seemed to be an “omg, me too!” situation with even a few of the popular, pricier ones).



The Xtava Hair Dryer rung in at just $34 dollars (it’s that price on the Xtava website as well, but I wanted my Amazon Prime shipping).  It came quickly and in extremely gorgeous packaging with a black box inside that I will continue to store it in. Being a design nerd, I actually can’t figure out how they can afford such pro quality packaging without having a $100+ price on the dryer, but either way I’m happy. I found out from visiting their site that they’re all about creating something of luxury quality without a luxury price. For women, by women.

As far as the actual abilities of this dryer. . . .YES. It has three heat settings and three power (blow) settings. It packs some high powered heat, so opt for the medium setting if your scalp burns easily. Paired with my round brush, it straightened my hair out in MINUTES and I ended up not even needing to flat iron it afterwards. The nozzle attachment really helps to direct the heat. If I had one con, it would be that this hair dryer isn’t super light, and the “nose” of it is really long. Luckily I have long arms, but if I didn’t, it might be a struggle or the dryer way too close to my head.  I’m glad that I did away with the crappy blow dryers that never were this awesome even on day one, and I hope this one has some lasting power. If it does, then the pricey name brand salon blow dryers really have some affordable competition!

- xoxo, Lindsey



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